Montreal Impact - Philadelphia Union: Notes & Ratings

My thoughts and observations:

  • Felipe with the golazo of the season. All I could think after seeing this goal was a classic Football Manager press conference response: “It was a magnificent strike from a magnificent player.”
  • At the other end, Rivas lost his cool and headbutted a player Zidane-style. Although it could have put the team in trouble, I like the fact that Impact players won’t hesitate to show they’re no pushovers. You wanna play physical in our house? Be ready to deal with the consequences. Three-game suspension in my mind. This will let Ferrari get back to his position which brings me to my next point.
  • Ferrari at left-back is awkward. Let’s not do this again. He didn’t look comfortable defensively and the team wasn’t looking for him offensively. He should stick to centerback.
  • Awkward Ferrari with indisciplined Mapp is not a great combo. I’m surprised the Union didn’t force their play on that side. Oh well, their loss.
  • Loved seeing Bernier play keep-away with Philadelphia’s midfield and defense for a good thirty seconds at the end of the game. Remnants of his hockey past perhaps? He was a time-killing one-man unit.
  • Not the best of games for Warner and Arnaud. The former probably needs a rest after logging so many minutes while the captain somehow lost all passing and crossing ability in this game. He probably needs to sit as well.

My Ratings:

GK - Donovan Ricketts: 6

LB - Matteo Ferrari: 6

CB - Nelson Rivas: 7

CB - Alessandro Nesta: 7.5

RB - Hassoun Camara: 7

LM - Justin Mapp: 6.5

CM - Patrice Bernier: 6.5

CM - Collen Warner: 6

RM - Davy Arnaud: 5.5

CAM - Felipe: 8

FW - Andrew Wenger: 7

Sub - Sanna Nyassi: 6

Sub - Jeb Brovsky: 6 

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